Homelessness is a multifaceted failure of society.  Because of the complexity of intertwined causations, it can appear to be insurmountable. I chose to use the image of Sisyphus to represent this perception of a challenge without end.  I created a necklace so that the piece could become wearable and portable, spreading its message to anyone who engages with the piece on its travels.  The focal point of the necklace is an eye.  The eye was chosen for several reasons.  First, the eye emphasizes that we see the individuals who are trapped in this situation.  Second, those of us trying to rectify the situation see those in authority who are not making efforts to improve the situation.  Third, the eye can become a talisman (like the Turkish nazar boncuğu) to ward off the evil eye of others.  It has been my honor to participate in this project and contribute in the best way I know how, through the making of objects that might help make a difference.

This piece was made as part of an invitational group exhibition coordinated by Boris Bally, in partnership with UK’s 4BySix, an organization working to raise awareness and advocacy for homelessness. Each participating artist was given a recycled aluminum London bus panel to create an artwork that would be donated to a fundraising auction.


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