Since 2013, I have been working with Dr. Jaehyung Ju and his graduate students from UNT’s College of Engineering.  Doctoral student Jiwon Mun has been very involved in the hands-on aspects of the project.  Dr. Ju’s research involves the creation of lattice structures with a wide range of applications.  These lattice structures are 3D printed in wax from digital models and then we have been working together to analyze the lost wax casting of them.  Investing and casting has been especially challenging because most of the wax thicknesses are less than 1mm and many lattices include tubes.  Personally, I have been amazed at our success rate.  I look forward to continuing our experiments as we push the boundaries of what I thought possible with lost-wax casting.  For anyone interested in the more technical aspects, you can download a PDF of a paper we co-wrote on it here.

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