Fascinated with how the method of presentation and display affects the perception of the object, I created a large art installation that presents itself as a natural history museum.  I used objects of my own creation as the subject for a fictitious future's misinterpretation.  Through this humorous work of fictive art, issues of material culture hierarchies, consumerism, and environmentalism are explored in a playful and accessible manner.  The following are installation views of its debut at the Pittsburgh Center for Arts:

My process of design and creation of this installation was to initially imagine a future where corporations own all nations and paper is an unknown material.  In this future, the ruins of my house (and my artworks within) have been unearthed and misinterpreted, based on the dominant corporate agendas.  I used my own artworks as the point of departure for the creation of all supporting materials that would be a part of this "McMuseum of Anthropological Archaeology."  The following are PDFs of some of those materials.  Feel free to download and enjoy!

© James Thurman


Graphics by Triple Threat Press