Text from Fictive Art-i-Facts Installation:
The Sentients are a very special class of object created in Thurmania. When not observed, they come to life. Imbued with their own will, they explore and interact with their environment. Like a genie and its lamp, they are closely tied to their vessel; they can never stray far from it since they need to instantly return to their frozen pose in the event of observation. Often manifesting their core emotions onto their vessel, they can’t help but express themselves showing each of their true natures. The Thurmanite is the source of their lifeforce, drawing their power from the perfectly lathe-turned symmetrical saucers or lids. In a special ritual, the painting of them brings them to life; the colors and painting approach in conjunction with their original form determining their nature and character.

These pieces are from my Mediterranean Mythicals series which are inspired by historic stories of mythic beings throughout the Mediterranean. I have created a unique vessel for each miniature figure based on their persona from their original tale but I am now putting them in a new context. I would like to encourage the audience to empathize with each mythical figure. Through the lens of Monster Theory, this affords everyone an opportunity for their voice and perspective to be heard and reconsidered. Also inspired by Object Oriented Ontology, I imagine that each figure come to life when not observed (think of the behavior of the toys in the Toy Story universe…). Many of the pieces contain evidence of their actions based on their current circumstances being conjoined to their vessel now.


© James Thurman

Contact: james.thurman@unt.edu

Graphics by Triple Threat Press