As a memento mori, this piece serves as a reminder of our mortality and an inspiration to appreciate all that we have in our lives. The Thurmanite (layered recycled paper bonded together with a plant-based resin) lathe-turned cabochon is made of maps, a symbol of our collected travels and experiences throughout our life.  The black and white Thurmanite shifts the focus to challenges we might have to our morality through life, where all choices are not necessarily “black or white”. The Lorem ipsum text is a common placeholder in layouts and serves to reference all texts that might guide, inspire, or inform us throughout our lifetime.

 The bolo tie is a common form of adornment in American Western wear along with use of skeletal imagery, both human and animal.  Utilizing the format of the bolo in combination with skeletal forms plays off Western wear while referencing with the historic tradition of memento mori jewelry. The inclusion of Thurmanite along with the painted miniature invites closer inspection and reflection on the concepts embedded in the piece. As a wearable form of art, these exchanges are encouraged to take place outside of the gallery during chance social encounters.

© James Thurman


Graphics by Triple Threat Press