Plan B is a group art project designed to call attention to the current state of a woman's/and a person’s right to make choices for their own body. Art has always been a symbolic tool to bring societal injustices to light, and the Plan B project is a subtle nod to our past and- more disturbingly - the ability to seek a safe method of ending a pregnancy in the United States. The Amphora bottle symbolizes vintage pharmaceutical bottles and historical methods used to end pregnancies through abortifacient herbs and poisons. 25% of proceeds from the sale of each artwork will go to Planned Parenthood. As the show travels, hyperlinks will be available to purchase the artwork directly through galleries.

My piece, Guardian, incorporates a caryatid column form of an armored woman armed with a sword.  Caryatid columns are an ancient Greek architectural element where carved sculptures of women serve as structural elements.  In this piece, the woman stands guard as part of the amphora-esque vessel, signifying strength and determination. I spun the pewter vessel and base, which I soldered to a pewter miniature sold by Reaper Miniatures and originally sculpted by Bob Ridolfi. I painted the miniature with feedback from my painting teacher, Geoff Davis of Hectatina Miniature Painting Studio. All images of the piece were shot by Cole Rodger.


© James Thurman


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