Text from Fictive Art-i-Facts Installation:This artifact is believed to be from the elusive realm of the Duchy of Thurmania. A mysterious island nation known for its “Thurmanite,” a unique material made of fused layers of recycled paper, often from books or maps. Some believe the secrets to finding Thurmania are locked within individual pieces of Thurmanite. A society entirely of craftspeople, creativity is held in the highest regard. Over the years, many beautiful and intriguing objects have made their way to our world and have inspired others to find their source.

However, there is a faction within Thurmania that seeks to inhibit the creativity that is behind so many of their stunning relics. This candle snuffer is believed to be the legendary “Bringer of Doubt”, which was used in rituals to extinguish the flame of creativity of the craftspeople of Thurmania. The following images are reconstructions of how we believe the “Bringer of Doubt” might have been created. Although it can be dangerous to be delving into these dark practices, we hope to better understand these enemies of creativity through this research.

© James Thurman

Contact: james.thurman@unt.edu

Graphics by Triple Threat Press


This piece was designed as a counterpart to the Creativity Bridge candle holder piece. Along with several other recent pieces, these are contributing elements to the larger fictive art installation centered on the mythic realm of Thurmania. It was both challenging and fulfilling to combine so many different processes and materials that I utilized over the years: metal spinning, lathe-turning, Thurmanite®, mold-making, resin and metal casting, digital fabrication, cold joining, and miniature painting. I am so grateful for Geoff Davis’ mentorship on my miniature painting approach on such a strange object…