Paper Alchemy has a unique premise.  Invited participants are provided with Thurmanite® for them to use in their own designs.  Initially, participants were all metalsmiths but additional participants using a wide range of media are being added to the project. Through the unifying thread of Thurmanite®, exhibition visitors can see how each maker reacts and creates differently while all using the same material.  Since Thurmanite® can be composed of a wide range of recycled papers, the content and aesthetics of each block of material vary widely, from maps to old textbooks to colorful construction papers.    How Thurmanite® is carved or shaped also dramatically alters its appearance in a finished piece as well.  The conjunction of these tremendously varied artworks create a unique thematic approach focused on an unusual and unique material.

Click on the compilation image below to see the image gallery of the current works included in Paper Alchemy with names and information about each piece:

The opening reception of Paper Alchemy was held at Atelier Maya in Istanbul, Turkey, on June 21, 2021. Thank you to everyone that could attend. It was a beautiful evening with wonderful conversations: